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by Weldon Holden

Weldon Heldon with Russian Boar shot with a Holden Custom Bow

Welcome to the website of
Custom Longbows and Take-Down Recurves
handmade by Weldon Holden.

I build handcrafted,one-at-a-time, custom made longbows and take-down recurves. All custom-tailored to each specific shooter for maximum performance and pleasure. Not only do my bows shoot hard and fast, they are super quiet and a beauty in the hand. My bows were originally made for use as a hunting "tool" and still are today.

Customers from all over the country have requested bows made from native and exotic woods for their personal taste. Unidirectional fiberglass laminations of a wide variety of colors as well as clear glass to bring out the distinctive beauty of the wood is employed. On my longbows, I add a core of fiberglass as a center lamination giving the limbs superior strength and speed with a smooth draw.

Custom additions such as ivory, giraffe bone, walrus tusk, ebony, and scrimshaw can be installed. Gold or silver inlays can be cleverly crafted into the bow for  an elite touch. Engravings can be inlayed into the risers. The possibilities are endless. You and I will create the perfect bow.....just for you.

Please use the links below to view images of longbows and take-down recurves. Check back often as new pictures are loaded and updates are made to the site. Thanks again for visiting the site. Contact us with any ideas for a custom bow.


Weldon Holden
Custom Bowyer


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