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Take-Down Recurves

Take-down Recurve bow with becote riser by Holden Custom Recurve bows

This page is dedicated to the take-down recurve. Please view this page to view the many options available to make your take-down recurve truly your take-down recurve. Contact us for any questions concerning the longbow and its' many faces. 

Recurve bow with
bois d'arc wood riser and maple limbs.

Cocobolo recurve bow by Holden Custom Take-Down Recurve Bows

Take-down recurve with becote riser and wedges and maple limbs with brown glass. 64" in length.

Same bow as above with a profile view.


Profile of the take-down recurve bow by Holden Custom Bows
Becote take-down recurve bow by Weldon Holden Take down recurve with becote riser and seal skin fur shelf with cocobolo wedges and brown glass. Length is 66".

**Please note that the environmental community has successfully lobbied for a ban on seal skins from entering the U.S. for now. Seal Skin fur shelf liners may no longer be available. Other natural liners are available.

Take-down recurve with a longbow grip riser. A favorite of the bowyer. This one sports an osage orange 
(bois d'arc) riser with leather wrapped grip and osage limbs and maple wedges.

**Note: Osage orange is very yellow when first worked, but is photo-sensitive and turns a rich cinnamon-brown with age.

Osage orange recurve bow by Holden Custom Take-Down Recurve Bows
Recurve bow with stripped riser by Weldon Holden Take-down recurve with maple riser and padauk and maple stripping and action wood limbs under clear glass.


**Note: Sheep horn tips fitted for this take-down recurve viewable on the options page.

Take-down recurve with cocobolo riser and maple stripping. Cocobolo wedges and action wood maple limbs with brown glass.
66" in length.
Stipped cocobolo recurve bow by Holden Custom Take-down recurve Bows
Other Assorted
Take-Down Recurves.....
Another great bow by Holden Custom Longbows and Take-Down Recurves



Take-Down Recurves


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